CGM data would be life changing

For people who suffer from diabetes – or people who have children who suffer – apps that track blood sugar are incredibly helpful. We all have Dexcom Follow or (open source!!) on our phones.

(Do NOT worry – you are not creating a medical device or taking on all sorts of regs – take a look at what Nightscout says!!!)

Wondering if we can possibly feed from these apples onto tidbyt. Would be a huge help for the diabetes community!

Please let me know if this is something I can do on my own or if it can be added


a night scout app was made by @jeremy its just hidden from the public. Im sure either him or @mark could help you get it on your machine.

That’s fantastic. Thank you very much!!


Dave came up with the original request that I worked on here: Need a developer - #5 by hamilton33

As far as I’m aware, we’re just waiting on some better validation for the high / low threshold values.

Thanks @jeremy for the hard work on this app.

Not being a programmer, I’m not sure what our next step is. @rohan can you shed some light? It seems this is ready to go- and will help people like myself and @tiger .
What can we do to make this readily available?


Hopefully you can have it added to your Tidbyt account on a temporary basis - I have it on mine for testing. It would be good to get some real user feedback :relaxed:

I’m gonna ask your forgiveness for lack of techie skills, but do you know how I could do this?


@hamilton33 Sorry Dave, I thought we had already gotten this added to your account. Could you please send me your Tidbyt device ID (Settings > General > Get API Key) and we can get it added.

Thanks so much. Super excited. My device hadn’t shipped yet… should we add this to it before it goes out? Thanks!!

Looks like the Nightscout Tidbyt is now available in the app. I’d love any feedback and suggestions for improvements :relaxed:

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Hey Rohan,

Here’s my info, let me know when I can check it out- THANKS!


[redacted private key]

It’s available on the app for anyone to download now

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Hello there. I’ve got a “nightscout id” with a dash in it (“-“) and the Tidbyt app seems unable to handle it?

Also in the future would probably be better to accept a full URL in case folks aren’t using heroku (like the Nightguard app)

Thank you! And thanks for developing the app, great idea!

Would you mind sharing your ID privately so I can investigate?

Has anybody been able to get this to work successfully? Having troubles on my end.

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This does not seem to work with an ID (url) that contains dashes. Any ideas? Can I modify the source code myself?

@jeremy This needs to be updated to allow for URLs other than heroku hosted Nightscout. It seems simple enough looking at the source code to update it. But it’s not my app and I don’t know how to publish my own so it can be installed on the app. If you want, I’m willing to make the updates but would need help publishing.
In fact there are a number of improvements I’d like to make to the display so it’s a little more friendly in the middle of the night.

I can’t get this to work at all with the heroku hosted Nightscout either and my URL doesn’t contain dashes.

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I’m willing to get this working but only if the code I’m editing is the public version. A local version is useless. I’d also be willing to write one that pulls directly from Dexcom. @rohan @jeremy

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You can edit @jeremy code and just submit a pull request against the app in the community repo

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