CGM data would be life changing

I would love a version of night scout or Dexcom.

I have a url from that says it has invalid characters. Am I doing something wrong?

The current code is meant to accept only the ID part of the URL and assumes Nightscout is hosted at Heroku. Currently, I’ve edited the script quite a bit to get it looking more useful and clean and have it running on a local machine.

Sorry, work has pretty much removed any time I had to spend on any Nightscout changes. @IsThisPaul - feel free to open a PR against the community repo with your changes (community/apps/nightscout at main · tidbyt/community · GitHub) and I’m happy to take a look at the PR, although I’m not sure what the approval process is any more.

@jeremy I’m lost when it comes to github but I do have a pretty slick version running on a local machine that renders and pushes to my Tidbyt. If you want, I can share the code directly with you but can honestly say, I’ve tried many times to figure out the Git thing and just can’t

I know sugarmate uses something with ical that gets the numbers from dexcom. (this is how i get it to display on my apple watch). might there be a way to work it in this way? this would also be life changing for me. i’d have to get one for home and one for work ha!

You could just post there raw code in github and then someone could submit a pr on your behalf

It may be easier to open a PR on GitHub if you already have the code on GitHub.

  1. fork the community repo and clone it.
    1a. set up a remote fork see docs here
  2. copy your code into the existing file (should make a new git branch first, but not necessary, but good for your sanity)
  3. make lint in the community folder (does formatting stuff)
  4. commit the changes
  5. on GitHub then open a PR.

Honestly it’s really just a lot of googling on github’s thing to do it, I am also not a professional coder either, Just this year I finally understood what branching was. But if anyone is going to submit the change, it should probably be jeremy since he’s the original author. At least you found a fix though!

Yeah, i took a look, and with the amount of changes that you implemented @jeremy is gonna have to be there one to give you his blessing on submitting this

What about adding a section to putting in high and low ranges based on the individual?

I got the Git thing figured out and submitted a pull request. Stay tuned.

If you haven’t yet be sure to join the discord server. That’s where most of the developers hang out.

Joined… Now who do I bug to get my app approved? :wink:

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Hi All,

Setting up Nightscout and the nightscout ID is returning a 404 .

I’ve got Nightscout running locally on a server. Just wanting to confirm if there’s any special setup to get it running on my Tidbyt?


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The version of the app available on Tidbyt’s server requires that NS be hosted on Heroku. If you’re hosting anywhere else, you’ll have to do like I do and host the rendering of the image on a local machine and set upa. script to update the Tidbyt yourself.

The updated Nightscout app is now available on the Tidbyt app/servers. Search for Nightscout, select your provider, enter your url prefix as Nightscout ID (ie “paul” if your url is

If your provider is not listed, message me or email me paul (at) paultmurphy (dot) com

Hey guys! I was looking into adding this integration to my Tidbyt, but since I host my Nightscout instance at my own domain, I’d have to set up manual push.

I noticed that Dexcom has an API (see the docs here). I’m taking a look at the docs to see if a Tidbyt app would be feasible. Would there be any interest in a similarly themed Tidbyt app that pulls data from Dexcom?

@gabe565 happy to work with you on a Dexcom direct version of this.

I’d love to, but unfortunately I don’t think there’s a solid way forward at the moment. I did some research into the Dexcom API and realized it isn’t meant for realtime data. It runs 3 hours behind and is meant more for retrospective analytics.

I also looked into how Home Assistant fetches data and found gagebenne/pydexcom. It uses an unofficial API which is realtime, but unfortunately it authenticates via username and password instead of Oauth2. I’m not comfortable creating an integration that would store user passwords in plain-text, so I think we should hold off from using that API until Tidbyt supports encrypted fields.

Cross linking another comment I’ve made that may have a little more context: Help Developing Sugarmate and/or Dexcom G6 Reading App - #6 by gabe565