One issue I noticed is when a game is in progress, there is nothing to indicate which team is batting. Ideally there would be a dot next to the team that is at bat.

Pretty sure there’s an arrow indicating if it’s the top or bottom of an inning.

Yeah true, but I don’t know what team is home/away. Unless the top team is always the home team or something?

Usually the top team is away and the botom team is home

Ah ok. Dot would have made it more obvious :slight_smile: I think that’s what they do for ESPN tickers anyways.

Home team is always listed last/bottom when reading a scoreboard or stat line. That’s for all sports.

Seconding/3rding the Premier League version of this. Season starts in early August

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Agreed, that would be awesome. cmarkham20 seems to have his stuff together when it comes to writing the sports apps, hopefully he can come up with a way of doing it for each sport to have a ticker with all the relevant scores for that day. Sadly I have zero coding ability so I think we will have to rely on the brilliance of others.

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Oh cool, not cool and it’s not working but cool the app exists, this is exactly what I was looking for with just scrolling through the scores for each game. With that app this could actually be something very cool to have it like a sports bar methinks.

NCAA College Football!!!


Can we get the ability to cycle thru all MLB games on a given day? Love the interface with bases, count, outs and half inning. I understand you can create an instance for every team but then you run into duplicate scores on the cycle thru.

Hey cmarkham20 … any update on college football score app? With three weeks until season kickoff just checking if this is still in the queue. Thanks!

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