XML Parser?

Anyone know of an XML parser? I have an API that only returns XML. Would love to convert to JSON. I can do it through another API, but would prefer to do it in code if possible.

xpath is built into pixlet/starlark. it works good.
below is a snippet from my noaa_buoy app which parses xml/rss

load("xpath.star", "xpath")
def fetch_data(buoy_id):
    data = dict()

    url = "https://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/data/latest_obs/%s.rss" % buoy_id.lower()
    resp = http.get(url)
    if resp.status_code != 200:
        #fail("request failed with status %d", resp.status_code)
        data["name"] = buoy_id
        data["error"] = "ID not valid"
        return data
        data["name"] = name_from_rss(xpath.loads(resp.body())) or buoy_id
        data_string = xpath.loads(resp.body()).query("/rss/channel/item/description")

        # continue with parsing build up the list
        re_dict = dict()
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Nice. Where did you find that? Couldn’t find the docs.

Also, I need to iterate through multiple child nodes. Doesn’t seem to be an iterator or way to get child node count.

Any ideas?

I’m not completely sure but I think a query_all should return multiple nodes in a list if there is more than one.
then you could do a count = len(query_result). to find the number it found.

If you look in the community repo the three apps that use xpath are :
bgghotness/bgg_hotness.star:load(“xpath.star”, “xpath”)
noaabuoy/noaa_buoy.star:load(“xpath.star”, “xpath”)
theysaidso/they_said_so.star:load(“xpath.star”, “xpath”)