Wrong Times on SF Muni

Just today I’m seeing incorrect times on theSF Next Muni app. Anyone else having the same issue?

@martinstrauss is the author (I think)

Hi yes, I am the author. The data comes from Muni’s CIS API - are you seeing discrepancies between what’s shown on Tidbyt and what the API returns? Or discrepancies between the data and the actual location of vehicles? The latter unfortunately is sort of out of my control… :slight_smile:

Martin: I put a screen shot here comparing it to a screen shot of the Muni site for the exact same bus stop.
Muni says 6, 12 minutes to the Caltrain/Ballpark
The App doesn’t show Caltrain as a destination at all and shows next train in 23 minutes.

Thanks, Paul Brody

The same stop and time but this from the App. (sorry only one image per reply)

So I see two things happening here:

  1. The API fills the destination with the final stop: which here is “King St & 4th St”; whereas the Muni website uses “Caltrain/Ballpark”. Not sure where it’s getting that data; given that Muni sometimes turns trains back early, I think the final stop is actually the more useful name to use.
  2. In your screenshots, it’s listing trains in 23 and 33 minutes vs the 6 and 12 minutes on the Muni website. I’m not sure what’s happening here? I tried testing myself with various different stops, and never saw a discrepancy more than 1 minute (which can be blamed on the Tidbyt clock). So I’m not sure how to help with this.

ok! I figured it out!
I mis-interpreted the minimum time to show.
I thought that was seconds to keep the display running.
That was the problem.
Stupid me.
Sorry for that.

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