WMATA incorrect train times

I love the WMATA app as a concept, but it just doesn’t seem to be accurate. My apartment has a view of the station that I have the app set for so I can see trains arrive while looking at my Tidbyt. When the app says there are trains arriving, they essentially never are (or they’re going the other direction) and conversely, there are constantly trains arriving that are never indicated on the app. Is the data set that you all use for this a static schedule or real-time info like what the station displays show for arrival times? As a side note, if you’re familiar with the Citymapper app, their WMATA arrival times always have excellent accuracy so maybe you can see where they get their data from. Still very happy with my Tidbyt, just wanted to get this out so it can be improved!

I’ve noticed this too. The times are wildly inaccurate. Is someone looking into this? WMATA arrival times are the primary reason why we purchased a Tidbyt.

Yeah I haven’t heard anything about this being resolved yet but would love if it could be looked into.

I just got Tidbyt, I also have a view of a metro stop and noticed some discrepancies in the data. I put the “Transit” and the “Washington metro” apps next to each other, and there is defiantly a discrepancy in timing - so it must be whatever the source is. The “Transit” one seems to be most accurate, when it says a train is arriving, it hasn’t failed me yet.