WMATA Bus Tracking

Tibyt has an app for WMATA next train information, but not for bus. WMATA makes this information available to developers (same as train), and it would be great to be able to see when my bus is going to show up!

Totally agree and underscore this recommendation :heart:


I also want to ‘Plus One’ to this suggestion! I live in a D.C. neighborhood that is not served by Metrorail so I rely on MetroBus to get around. If I’m being really honest, the lack of Tidbyt support for WMATA buses is the only reason I have not yet purchased the product. I keep occasionally checking back to see if the feature has been added but sadly it has yet to happen and I continue to hold off on buying until it’s supported.


Please use the readily available GTFS data to put WMATA bus tracking on Tidbyt! My main form of transit is the X2 bus and this is the deciding factor in my purchasing the device - I didn’t realize the only transit tracking in the city was MetroRail.

Is there any way Tidbyt could partner with Transit app? Their crowd-sourced live tracking is great!


This would be game-changing for me. WMATA buses are my main form of public transit, and similar to
Rbhughes91 I bought Tidbyt hoping to be able to see when they’re coming!

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Same here. Would love to know if this is something Tidbyt is working on. Other cities have both train/subway and bus data.

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+1 to this idea! It would be great to have buses listed. Also, right now the WMATA data appears to be inaccurate for rail. Does anyone know if this is going to be fixed soon?

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I’ve also been wondering if the WMATA data is wrong.

Just ordered my Tidbit today. Looking forward to playing with it. Also would love a combination of WMATA metro and bus.

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