WIX notification

I’m thinking of buying a Tidbyt; however there is no native feature that will allow Tidbyt to display my “site visitor” notifications that I receive on my iPhones WIX app.

As it stands:
Each time I get a visitor, my app send a pop up to my iPhone through the WIX app that includes some basic geographic information about the visitor. This is what I wish to display on my Tidbyt.

How can I achieve this?

Would likely have to make an app for it. Looks like there is a dev api and what not. So you’d probably have to authenticate your app and then find the appropriate endpoint or what not.

A quick search brought me to the Wix dev site, so I would scrounge through those here to see if you can access what you want.

do you care that the notification wouldn’t be as immediate as it is on your phone ? If not you could write this into a community app available to the public which could poll the wix api every 5 minutes or so and would display the last notification you got.

So many visits would happen over those 5 minutes that a single notifications 5 minutes later wouldn’t be much good. Live notifications would be the only motivation to snag one of these Tidbyts.

Anyone out there for hire that’s able to code a real time website visitor notification from WIX > Tidbyt?

Well it still possible to write an app that would push to the tidbyt in realtime. But you’d have to run it on your own webserver probably. If wix has a webhook style notification system then it can be done.