Wireless/Battery/Wall-mount Support

Hi Tidbyt team, I’m wondering if I can hack together a possibility for a battery to be tucked into the backside of the Tidbyt so that I can mount it on the wall. Has this come into discussion before by any chance? I would love to purchase a “wireless” add-on kit of some sort that supports a rechargeable battery if that’s possible.

Cool ideas

I was thinking of how I can find a very low
Profile usb C 90 degreee plug so it can sit flush on the wall.

Maybe a wireless QI charger can be used to transfer the power to tidbyt.

Hopefully there can be a second iteration that’s more wall friendly

We’ve had discussion around the wall mount and included some slots for a yet-to-be-released wall mount bracket.

Separately, I’ve also used a low-profile USB battery pack for photo shoots, just attached to the back with some adhesive. Just something I bought off Amazon, and it’s worked pretty well.

Combining the two though, that’s definitely a challenge :sweat_smile: Reason being, once you have the wall mount bracket on the back, there isn’t that much space for a USB battery pack with a lot of juice. We might be able to fit a 3,000 mAh battery there, but that’s only about 8-12 hours of jucie.

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Cool to know Rohan

I still think maybe someone can install a wireless Qi snarfing pad to the bottom of the tidbyt.

Then modify a shelf to contain a wireless charger flush with the surface.

Then tidbyt can be powered indefinitely and be placed flush on a wall on a shelf.

I may try this in the future :slight_smile:

Edit something like this:


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