WiFi Connection issue at work

Hello. Want to have this in my office but it won’t connect to our WiFi. Trying to use guest wifi, but on other devices that usually requires you to accept a prompt of wifi use understanding. Ideas?

Use one of those inexpensive travel routers to create a hotspot off of your office wifi, and connect your phone/computer to it to answer the browser-based prompts from the captive portal. Connect your tidbyt to the hotspot network.

That type of access, brokered through a web page through which you must first acknowledge/authenticate, is called a captive portal, and is an issue for many non-browser use cases on such a network, like a gaming console, smart TV, Roku, or Amazon Echo.

If you have a good relationship with your IT folks, you can get them to add your device’s MAC address to an exception list, bypassing the portal and getting direct outbound access. If not, then you’ll need to get wifi a different way, like using your phone as a hotspot or the previously mentioned travel router.

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