Why is the number of votes limited?

There are a lot of feature requests that I like but I can only vote for a handful of them. What’s the reason behind this ?

I am also curious what the reasoning is.

I think it’s just the default for the forum system. I can look into reconfiguring it.

Not speaking for Rohan and the team, but normally in upvoting ideas/suggestions, the number of votes each voter is allowed is limited so that the voters have to carefully choose the top X items that are most important to them. That way the overall list of suggestions can be ranked by the number of votes received.

This is called multivoting and it is meant to narrow down the items on a list to a manageable number of items, ranked in order of importance by how the voters allocated their limited votes. Ideally the number of votes is a small fraction of the number of choices.

If every voter is given an unlimited (or overly large) number of votes, it often happens that most of the voters vote for almost all suggestions, because they all seem like good ideas, leaving the results ranked the same.

An example may clarify what I am saying: if there are 10 voters with unlimited votes, and there are 15 suggestions, with 11 of the suggestions being somewhat useful to all of the voters, and the other 4 suggestions sounding like good ideas in general, there is a high probability that all 10 voters will vote for at least the 11 somewhat useful items, and possibly all 15 items. That means that the results will not give the product team any way to prioritize the results.

By giving only a few votes to each voter, the voters must carefully chose what they feel are the most important (to them) items. In cases where the voters have limited votes, the voters are normally free over time to move their votes around and their needs change.

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Yeah that makes sense. I’m fine with leaving the votes limited.