Which Cities for subway notifications?

Hi there - Sounds like you will be mostly NYC subway based initially? Would love to see integrations for cities like San Francisco and Boston. I know Muni and the MBTA have open APIs. :slight_smile:

We’re rapidly adding cities actually! SF is pretty far along and so is Washington. Should have many more fairly soon.

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Any chance at adding rail statuses? Specifically looking at LIRR. Thanks!

Oh wow that’s great news! :smile: I live in SF so can’t wait to have that set up!

Yeah definitely. Actually the goal is to have a mega-transit app that can cover dozens of cities and all the different modalities without us having to individually code each one.

Currently working out the details with a data provider for this.


I’d love to see support for Boston’s MBTA! They have a public API and pretty solid documentation: https://www.mbta.com/developers

Hoping Chicago’s CTA will be supported. I pledged another similar display a couple years ago and they ghosted. These guys seem legit, though.

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So, still working out the details of this, but what I’d like to do is integrate with transit data that Microsoft provides. They have pretty great coverage for a number of cities.

We have to pay for it and it’s not exactly cheap — but given that we’re now producing thousands of Tidbyts, I’m fairly optimistic that it will fit in the budget. If we are able to get this working, this is the list of cities that we could potentially provide coverage for:

All the cities folks have requested so far (Boston, Chicago, etc.) are in there. The other thing we have yet to figure out is whether the data is high-quality.

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Hey Rohan, any chance of getting some of New Jersey’s light rails onto Tidbyt? Hello from across the river here in Jersey City! We mostly use the HudsonBergen Light Rail & PATH trains. Very much looking forward to your product!

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How about international ie: London Underground?


If you are interested in Germany the GTFS repo might be a good starting point - see here. Most larger cities have APIs to get realtime data as well (comprehensive list)

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New backer–just wanted to say this would be great!

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For sure I would love to see Boston. Not just the T itself, but also the ability to select bus routes important to me.

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London: https://api.tfl.gov.uk

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Hi, Can we please include Public Transport Victoria (Australia)?

Thanks, looking forward to my TidByt!

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Please add SEPTA in Philadelphia! This would be incredibly helpful for my commute!

I have some experience with the development of the original General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS), back when it was the Google Transit Feed Specification. That’s probably the best place to start as it is fairly ubiquitous and lends itself to working with any transit provider worldwide who provides a real-time feed at any station or individual bus stop location.


Also, the Transit App aggregates this data and provides location-based aggregation of nearby transit stops and real-time departures.


There are also other third-party data aggregators that do a decent-enough visualization using this data, such as TransSee.


I live in Cincinnati, but I would love to get our bus system and my stops coded into Tidbyt. Since it’s a smaller city it may take awhile to be included. What level of difficulty would you say adding a new transit system is – and would it be possible to include more than two stops/directions? I code, so I wouldn’t be starting from scratch.

Love the idea and the product!

Hey all!

Our current transit integrations (Washington Metro, BART, NYC Subway and NYC Ferry) are all powered by GTFS. While this is a single standard, there certainly are some variations in how different agencies implement it, and so far it’s taken a bit of time to add new ones. That’s why we’re so interested in finding a single source (an aggregator) that can give us multiple agencies in one go, like @rohan mentioned further up in the thread. If that fails, I think we’ll be looking at a model where we add agencies ourselves, one by one, and also come up with a clever way of enabling developers in the community to pitch in.

Would love to see Portland, OR for transit! Most major Transit apps include TriMet!