Where to find a list of apps?

I’m thinking about buying a Tidbyt, but don’t see a user’s manual or list of apps on the site; nor can I try out the mobile app, because it presumes I already own the device. Where can I find this basic material?


While it doesn’t list the apps created by Tidbyt (which a lot of those are in their ads and stuff), you can see a list of community apps here. Most of the apps listed in the apps folder are available to be displayed on the Tidbyt. The pull requests tab also lists some new apps that are waiting to be merged to be available on the app.

The link here is some examples of configurations different apps can have but does show previews of how the app sort of works. After you have selected the app you want to add that is.

If you give your username to the devs they can make a “fake” device for your account which you can then explore the apps inside the app. @rohan , can you still do this ?

How can I obtain this fake account? I DMed @rohan but never received a reply.

+1, this strikes me as a gaping hole in marketing. I’m also a prospective buyer, I also want to know what Tidbyt’s full feature set is. I wish I didn’t have to be here on the forums, this should be a front-page link.