When I put in the APK for Stock Ticker App. Stock Ticker disapppears

When I put in the APK key from alphavantage.co at the place I set up the stocks. It disappears and doesn’t show anything in the sample area. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong or is there a fix?

Did you try pressing enter after putting in the key?

My enter key on my phone turns into a “done” key and i pressed that.

Same here. I created an API key… entered that, and the app isn’t showing anything in Tidbyt. Am I doing something wrong?

also experiencing the same issue


  • I changed the format of my API key numerous times and it eventually started working out of the blue ( my current format is =“KEY” )
  • I don’t think the format of my key has anything to do with it working though.
  • I think this app just doesn’t update right away because of the 500 requests per day limitation from AlphaVantage.