What's the process to update a community app?

The NJ Transit Rail community app is broken and appears to not currently be published: https://github.com/tidbyt/community/blob/main/apps/njtransit/nj_transit.star

After taking a look at the code, it seems the initial station list pull fails (seems the backend webpage changed to populate this via JavaScript when clicking into the station name box vs being able to be scraped by regular HTML from the base page).

It’s a simple change - populate the options for the app as a static list. I’ve tested this pushed to my Tidbyt and it works. Maybe not as fancy as a dynamic pull but with this change the app works well. I’m also pretty sure that the station names aren’t changing week by week…

So, my son pulled the code and updated. It’s been submitted and is waiting on backend approval. Is this how it’s meant to work? How do we get this published again?



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Did you submit a pull request on the official community repo? If so then you did everything right.

Yep - that has been done. What’s the average turnaround time - especially as we are not the original developer?

usually about a week until they can review it and merge it.

OK- we’ve been over a week now… and nothing. What am I missing here?

Hey, the PR has been waiting a couple weeks with no activity. Hardcode NJ Transit station list by FieryFlames · Pull Request #1907 · tidbyt/community · GitHub
Meanwhile, the app just disappeared from my device with no trace.

The original author has opened a PR, but again it’s waiting for a week for a review. Njtransitdepartureapp by Jason-J-Hunt · Pull Request #1955 · tidbyt/community · GitHub