What size is the device?

I’m wondering what size the tidbyt is so I can see if it will fit well on my desk.

Check it out, @matslina made a really spiffy graphic:

Two minor caveats I should add:

  1. It’s possible we make minor changes to these dimensions between iterations. I don’t expect to and can’t think of any reason why we would, but it’s possible.

  2. Wood is a live product and the joinery of each wood case can be slightly different. Currently we’re coming in within 1 millimeter or so of the theoretical dimensions, but the dimensions of wood can and do change with humidity.

So feel free to rely on these dimensions for trying to generally figure out whether the device will fit somewhere. But please don’t come after me if you take out your calipers and find out it’s actually 114 mm tall instead of 112 mm :wink:

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Hey I was wondering if how can I get one for my own home

Tidbyts will be available on Kickstarter on March 16th. You can reserve one in advance if you’d like @ tidbyt.com/reserve.