What happened to the NJ PATH app?

There used to be a PATH train app but I noticed a couple days ago it is no longer showing and has disappeared from my app. The other thread with this app request was closed on November '22.

A path train schedule app was just merged, but if you search nj you get an nj transit app in the results.

What do you mean by “merged”?

I saw the NJ Transit app, but that doesn’t have any of the PATH stations. I live close to the Journal Square stations so it was very convenient to see what the times were.

into the github community repo.

Community apps get merged and then there is another repo on tidbyt’s side that has apps that are on the actual tidbyt app (some apps do testing, some need api keys, etc.).

Hopefully it will show up again soon though. Sometimes they will remove apps if the api no longer works or what not. Hopefully it will show up again soon.

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