What happened to FINEVENT?

Hey Rob Kimball,

I work in finance and thought your likely-Bloomberg-sourced FINEVENT to be super cool. Major economic releases that you’d see using ECO on the Bloomberg Terminal would appear. For some reason, the app seems to have gone offline.

Your other app US YIELD CURVE is working fine and is also useful (2s-10s just inverted again! -0.04%). Curious if you could provide any color on FINEVENT. Many thanks and good work on both apps.


I believe it was an API cost issue IIRC. but @rgkimball can probably provide you with all the details.

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Hi @DB007, glad to hear you’ve enjoyed the apps! Unfortunately, you and @pineapple are correct. Although the design was definitely inspired by the terminal, the Finevent app data came from a free feed provided by TradingEconomics - at one point this data was updated in real time, but this appears to have been an oversight by TE. The data is now only available on a 6-month lag unless we pay for a license: https://api.tradingeconomics.com/calendar/country/united%20states?c=guest:guest&f=json&importance=3

I did spend some time searching for alternatives but didn’t find any that were adequate - TE did a great job with their aggregation and it’s the only one with deep, timely, global coverage that rivals Bloomberg. Unless we’re able to convince @Tidbyt to acquire a license (which would open the door to many other apps, including enhancing some of their official ones), Finevent will remain broken. Sincere apologies for the inconvenience - I also really loved seeing those updates on my screen!

The yield curve app is sourced from treasury.gov directly which fortunately doesn’t suffer the same existential threat.

@rgkimball well damn. very interesting, thanks for your thorough reply. Are you still actively pursuing options w/ or w/o Tidbyt Inc. or essentially have given up for the moment? Are you planning any other finance-related apps?

Nothing planned at the moment, but open to suggestions! I had thought a configurable FX matrix might be nice but haven’t prioritized it - that data is relatively easy to come by too. Another user suggested a futures term structure chart, though the tentative solution I built relies on web scraping - given the outcome on Finevent I haven’t been eager to release another app that also may not survive very long.

Definitely think a FX matrix would be useful, no doubt. It gets dicey after that. HY Spreads? Commodities? Another stock app that not only shows intraday but has options for YTD/1 YR (app would flash both full-screen). The FinEvent app was really a perfect idea. Shame.

U.S. Economic Calendar - MarketWatch

also finviz futures panel is very good

cc the author for information. cc @rgkimball