What happened to F1 app?

Given we are in F1 season, the F1 app was actually really useful with Upcoming Race and preview of the actual track shape shown. It seems to have gone offline completely. Curious if the developer or anyone else has color on this.


Boosting this. I’ve never been able to get it to work.


Hey gang,

Im the developer of the f1 app. There was a fix submitted for an issue we were having with the app submitting to many api requests and getting blocked from the site.

Mat’s merged the fix last night so im hoping the update will get published soon, but we are activly working to fix it.


Glad you’re still on it! My girlfriend are so excited to have the scores in our living room. Now if we could just agree on who to root for…

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Thanks for the quick update, appreciate it!

It seems to be fixed! Enjoy everyone


Many thanks, AmillionAir. Can confirm appears fixed.


Do you enjoy pain? Or suffering? How about the color red?

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No but she does lol. Also thanks @AmillionAir, the real Driver of the Day.

Sad Charles noises**

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I’m going on 16 years of pain, strong, as a Ferrari fan. I feel like I’ve seen it all.

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