What does the percentage mean in the Clock app?

Hey there, in the Clock app, where you can display the time, current weather, and a percentage…i can’t seem to figure out what that percentage is referring to? I used to think it meant chance for rain, but that’s definitely not the case. Thanks in advance!


I suspect humidity.

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yea i thought so too… but its off by 10+%
also, in the morning it said 100%… which certainly is not the case
just hoping someone knows conclusively

I’ve been wondering this same thing and it’s driving me crazy!!

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Unfortunately have not been able to get an answer

It’s kind of so insane that no one from Tidbyt can answer this simple question. I even tried asking via Instagram with no response.

Sorry y’all, lot of threads to keep track of.

It’s the percentage humidity outdoors.

Yeah, it doesn’t seem accurate for humidity. And, of all things to display, that doesn’t seem that important.

lol I thought it was % chance of rain!