Wait Times Theme Parks

Anyone up for coding Wait times being displayed at major theme parks like Disney, Universal, etc…?

I am pretty sure there are several API’s out there to grab that info.


Interesting idea! Spotted this: Theme Park Wait Times API

Their usage requires a pretty large attribution message to be displayed with the data, which would be impossible on the Tidbyt. Perhaps a note in the phone interface would suffice?

They also provide waits on each individual ride across several parks (how do they get this data?? That’s crazy…) so to me the main question is how to let the user choose what they see? Is it a general graph of an entire park’s wait times? Would the user choose a specific ride?

Great! My thought would be to be able to pick the park, or maybe even a specific ride at the park! I have yet to develop on the Tidbyt platform, but knowing this API exists maybe I can use one of my other raspberry Pi based devices to display info. Thanks!

I don’t want to poo poo the idea, but sitting at home seeing how long it is to get on Dumbo provides what value to you? You wouldn’t be using this if you were at the park of course. I’m a Disney Parks fan but don’t see what I’d get from this.

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I understand, I live close to the parks and can go often. I like to try to figure out peak times, etc. I know other places to do that as well, but thought it would be cool to add to my display. Like anything on the Tidbyt you can get this info a lot of ways, but cool to display in this form factor.