UV Index

As summer is here, my girlfriend is always curious about the current UV index and when to stay out of the sun or when to apply more sunscreen. This would be super helpful!

Funny you mention this. I’ve been exploring app ideas to not only create an app for myself and the community, but something I can make to become familiar with the platform. UV Index was one of the ideas I had come across as I was investigating publicly available APIs.

So, tonight I tinkered a little bit, and have a very crude prototype that displays the UV Index of my zip code and if there is a UV alert issued for my zip code.

I can’t promise anything, but I’ll continue working with this prototype as I have more ideas to improve this.

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing. I think about how simple the apple UI is and even just putting a simple color scale slider below the number with a rating based on the below scale.

There’s an air quality app that does something similar you could probably use that as a guide