Using the bazel plugin for VSCode

this is my ignorance of plugins for vsCode. I saw this comment on

Our editors format Starlark automatically on save using the [Bazel plugin]( for VSCode

I have installed this same plug in - but I cannot get it to check my .star files. I’m assuming it’s something inside my settings.json I need to change in .vscode directory. Can someone point me in the right direction or give me a piece of advice on where to find this info?

I have not solved the automation problem yet (format on save) - but I have figured out how to manually do it.

download buildifier Releases · bazelbuild/buildtools · GitHub

in VSCode open a terminal window and switch to the directory you are working in

< path to buildifier  >/< buildifier file name >.exe  -r  --lint=warn  . 

this will do a lint on all the bazel/starlark files in the directory - it autofixes whitespace issues and will report on any other things (unused variables, undoc functions, etc)