User Configurable Settings for Apps

When creating a pixlet app, is there a way to expose user-configurable settings? I presume this is available due to apps such as stocks, where the user would need to input ticker symbols to see the stocks which they’re interested in.

As a simple example, let’s say I wanted my app to display “Hello World” and allow the user to define the color the text is displayed in via the Tidbit iOS app UI—is this possible?

Hey @joeyhoer.

Internally, there is a way to do just that. Our prepackaged apps (e.g. stocks) expose a function called get_schema() which in turn defines what configuration options the app should present to a user in the Tidbyt iOS/Android app. When an app is installed by a user, their selected configuration values are passed in a dict to the Pixlet main() function, allowing it to customize the rendered graphics.

Getting this available for developers is among our top priorities. We want to make it possible to upload Pixlet scripts to Tidbyt and have them run in our backend environment, removing the need for self-hosting integrations. That’ll include a mechanism like our current get_schema() method, although the current implementation has grown rather “organically” and is in dire need of some refactoring. =)

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