Unable to change Scheduling

Just got my Tidbyt, and I’m loving it so far! There’s just one bug I’m running into: any Scheduling changes I make to a Tidbyt app don’t stick.

Steps: I’ll tap on a Tidbyt app that’s already been added, enable Scheduling, and press Save. Everything seems to work (no errors), but when I pull down to refresh (or force close and reopen the Android app), I see my previous Scheduling settings for that app (whether the setting was disabled, or had different times). So the changes I tried to make aren’t actually retained – and my Tidbyt shows the same.

Workaround: to get the schedule I want, I have to remove the app and enable Scheduling before pressing the “Add” button. If I ever want to change it, I have to again remove the app and re-add it with the times I want.


Also seeing the same issue on iOS and currently using the same workaround.


I’m also having this problem for the last week, although mine seems to save the settings change but just keeps showing the app. A reset didn’t work, and it happens both from the app on my phone and iPad.

Hey all, thanks for the bug reports. I’ll bring this to the team tomorrow and we’ll see what’s going on.


Using Android and experiencing the same problem. Cannot save changes to Scheduling.

Same issue. Sometimes the schedule change takes when I save, sometimes it doesn’t, but in all cases it doesn’t work anyways. Eventually all the schedule toggles get reset to “off”.

Same issue. Schedules aren’t saving.

I’m glad I found this thread as I was going nuts trying to figure out what was going on when making changes. Anyone know if this an issue with the smartphone app or at the backend?

Hey folks,

Sorry about this. This has now been fixed. Let us know if you are still experiencing any problems with scheduling!