Twitter Followers by Nick Penree

Great job on this new app. I love how we can see the number of followers. Couple of suggestions.

(1) When you’re asking for Screen Name, can you eliminate the “@” if a user types it into the field?
(2) For the same input field, can you’d disable the iOS Auto Correct. Every time I put in elonmusk, it would auto correct it to Elon Musk, and of course it failed. Turn off auto capitalization as well. Both are attributes of the UITextfield, so it’s a one liner at code level in your swift file.

Otherwise great job on this new app for Tidbyt.

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Where does one obtain this new app?

Hi @gordon!

The Twitter Follows app is now available within the Tidbyt mobile app.


Hi @zanary,

Thanks, I’m happy someone else is enjoying the applet! I’ve modified the applet to remove the “@” symbol at the beginning of the screen name if there is one.

In terms of #2, custom applets don’t currently have the ability to tell the mobile app if a field should have auto correct enabled or not. I’ll work with the Tidbyt developers to see if this is something that can be added.


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Thank you for such a quick reply. Your app is just an example of how the Tidbyt eco system is expanding…

It sounds like you’re a developer for Tidbyt. Any thoughts of building additional apps based on those recommendation from the “Feature Request” area of this site?

Also for the Tidbyt team (@rohan), it would be great if an APNS could be sent everytime a new app is added to the catalog of apps. This way you’re keeping your users engaged with your device and informing them they get more value for free with each new app added. Beyond the developer’s name for the app, could we also add " Released: MM/DD/YYYY" so we know when each app was released?

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I agree with @zanary – if there were a way to know when new apps are added (even if it’s just a badge on the app), I wouldn’t have to ask about availability, above.

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