Turning off Tidbyt?

I must be missing something, but is there a way to turn the Tidbyt off? For example, when I go to sleep, I don’t necessarily need/want the display on. I’m wondering if there’s an on/off function within the app on the iphone. I’ve been manually unplugging and plugging in the Tidbyt whenever I want it on.

There is a Night Mode in the Tidbyt settings in the app. You can set the Start and End times for it and it will stop the app scrolling and display a very dimly lit clock.

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thanks! i’ll give that a try. it would be nice to have it turn off, but that’s better than nothing

Hi @Chubky

Do you lose all of your apps when you unplug the usb cable from the Tidbyt?

I’ve been wanting to unplug mine and move it around the house but unsure if I’ll lose all my apps each time I do it or not.

nope, it’s all there

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Hi everyone
I was wondering, would it be considered safe to use a smart plug to turn on and off the Tidbyt? I would like to be able to turn it off when I’m not home, not really reason to run, is it?

It should be fine. I have many esp32 devices that do fine after many power cycles.

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I scheduled my apps to all turn off at 9pm, and have the ‘blackout’ app only showing between 9pm and 7am. Seemed like a nice set and forget ‘off mode’.

The blackout app isn’t COMPLETELY black, there’s a single red pixel that slowly breathes on and off, but it’s not intrusive at all and useful to know the Tidbyt is not dead.


thank you all. I’ve already set up the night mode for most of the night times, and I decided to set a smart plug to shut the power when we’re not at home. It doesn’t seem to cause any problems so far.

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So I take it that its safe to unplug it from its main power source?

Did a simulation test as if i wanted to move it and unplugged the USB-C from the main unit, waited about 10 seconds. Plugged back in and it said connecting and seemed to be no issue.