Trambyt app departures not showing arrival time

So extremely happy to finally see an app for Västtrafik trams and buses in Gothenburg! This was on the top of my wishlist. However, as it is now, it always shows the trams coming “now”, and not how many minutes left until arrival. Is this a bug? I can’t seem to find the user protocol7 here on the forum.

It was the first I did for myself for training on my Tidbyt. Sadly the raspberry was poorly handled regarding backups so will have to redo it.

Depending on station I choose in his app I get a half screen

Ah I see. Well, know that your efforts are higly appreciated. I can’t code myself, so I’m depending on some local to make a Västtrafik app :slight_smile:

For me, I can only see two tram lines and their final destination, and the time “now”. It doesn’t show what tram stop it is, nor does it show more lines, or exact time of arrival.

sorry if I was unclear I’m not the developer of that app, the picture and comment was referring to my own tries to develop something like what he have done. I managed to do it for my own station

Oh I see. Well, if you do get to a working app, let me know! :slight_smile: