Train Departure Board

I see many people make their own versions or you can buy some expensive larger versions, would be great if the Tidybyt could show the departure board of my local train station.

Desktop Departures – UK Departure Boards

I have been looking at making something using the Darwin API for personal use. Darwin uses a SOAP API which I have no experience with so I used python and a wrapper that someone has made for it. So I have a python version of this working and I can sort of figure out how to get that pushed to Pixlet. I am not sure how to wrap that all together to make it a public use thing, especially API keys etc… I am pretty much a hobbyiest scripter. But my first thought when backing TidByt was those UK Departure Boards.


Is there anything that can point to a transit agency’s GTFS-Real Time (General Transit Feed Specification-Real Time) to provide a selected real-time departure board?

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