Todoist Next App Not Working

I’ve set up a Todoist account and put in the API token. However, the app still displays “Config Error.” I’m not able to see any other errors or issues that would prevent this from working. Do I have to have a premium Todoist account for this to work? Does anyone have any ideas? I think this is a community app. Does anyone know Alisdair/Akeslo?

cc @alisdair for visibility

I looked in to the code here:

it appears this app is using the v1 Todoist API, which appears to have been shut down. Needs to be updated to use v2 API, which looks similar enough it hopefully won’t be too much of a burden to fix:

Can anyone update/fix a community app, even if it is owned by someone else?

yes, if it is in the community app you can edit it, when you make a pr, make sure to cc the original author for visibility so they are aware.

is the change as simple as changing the url from v1 to v2? if so I can make that change. I don’t have a todoist account though so I wouldn’t be able to test it, but would be happy to make the change if that is all it is.

Feel free to make the change yourself as well.

Damn, this functionality is the entire reason I bought a Tidbyt. Any idea of if anyone can fix this? Would love to help but I know nothing about how this works. Otherwise I’d probably just return it soon =(

your best bet in getting something fixed is to ping the original authors or what not. There is a Todoist app though and a Todoist_next. I’m guessing the latter one is the one broking since it is still using v1. Perhaps you can use the other todoist app for now?

If you want to make the change quicker then I would suggest reading up on how to edit docs and what not though.

cc @alisdair and @KesKes and for visibility. If there is still no response then may be able to open an issue in GitHub as well and maybe even trying to ping the author of the other todoist app to see if they can make the change.

Thanks for the response. The other todoist app doesn’t show actual tasks so it’s not really relevant to me. After my work lightens up I’ll take a stab at it if @alisdair and @KesKes don’t make a grand appearance soon.

Fair enough. Worst case could ping the author of the other one since it looks like they are using v2 and see if they would change it. It could be as simple as changing the url from v1 to v2, but I have no idea and I don’t use todoist so can’t test.

I spent about 4 hours trying to figure it out. It was as simple as changing the v1 to v2 mentioned above. I, however, have zero coding experience and figured out how to install python, pixlet, and a bunch of other random stuff I’ll never use again with the help of ChatGPT. I’m pretty sure the change I made was correct. I don’t know how to use github though. I’m assuming the “pull request” i made was the correct way to get this up and working on the app.

Let me know if I’m missing anything here.

@nene808 I saw your pull request, it does look correct!
It just needs to go through the code review process by @matslina or @mark before it gets released.