Time.star and 'error in in_location'

This is going to be an easy question for someone…obviously new to Tidbyt dev and looking through the community repo. Any of the apps that reference time.star fail for me though with this error (when running with a ‘pixlet serve’ command):

Error in in_location: unknown time zone Europe/London

What would I be missing?


This isnt a solution to the error, but would you mind trying something like this out? When I use UTC, the conversion seems to have no issues


Thanks - just tried that, but same result. Tried using GMT, UTC, and EST. Also looked up some other Linux standard time zone names - “America/New_York” and " America/Detroit" - but all still return that same error.

Any chance you can send through the method you’re trying to do this time calculation in? And also, show us the load modules?

Are you on windows? May want to check steps with instructions in tidbyt.dev, but also looks like you may need to download a portable library for timezones.

I’m guessing they’re looking to add that in if they haven’t already though.

Edit: if you’re on windows that is

I am on Windows and see that comment about the portable library for timezones…but can’t find any specifics on how to actually install that timezone library. Been through tidbyt.dev and the Tidbyt community repo, but am not seeing any more details…

yonodactyl - the code is any of the apps in the community repo that use timezones. One example is community/apps/nixelclock at main · tidbyt/community · GitHub. Just trying to run that with a ‘pixlet serve nixel_clock.star’ results in the error.

I won’t be able to help much as I am not at all experienced with Windows - but if you are in the discord, you might be able to ask for some help from the developers and get some useful help!

Should be fixed now if you upgrade to the latest version of pixlet (>= v0.24.5).