Time for Pac Man

There’s always time for Pac Man.



Hi @kay,

Thanks a ton for putting this together! I want this on my Tidbyt :heart_eyes: ! Love what you’re doing - please continue to share and let us know if we can do anything to support you.


How do I get this?! Haha.

Hi @onebittwobittidbyt, you can manually push it to tidbit. Here is the repo: https://github.com/savetz/tidbyt-sprite-demo

However, it only will play for the duration of how long apps typically play and then jump back into your normal app loop without replaying it.

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I don’t have my Tidbyt yet so don’t understand how apps work. Is it possible to combine official apps and user-written apps in the app loop? If not, that seems like an oversight.

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I’m too dumb to be able to tell.

@kay I’ve been pushing your user written apps like pacman and parallax to my Tidbyt(Amazing work btw!!!). I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it seems like the Tidbyt is only capable of looping user written apps a few times after being pushed. Every time I’ve tried, the pacman or parallax app will loop a few times and then the app list configured in the mobile Tidybit app starts again and it doesn’t play the user written apps after that. I’m hoping that they fix this or create some workaround to where we can easily add custom apps to our app lists permanently. I’m going to go ahead and tag @mark here for visibility, but I can open a feature request too if there is not one.

@kay I have added onto your pacman animation. Check it out:

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Nice! Pac Man is in some trouble now.

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Here it is on the actual device (changed bg color to black so they pop more):

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Hi @kay I’m not an expert at Brew, but do you know what I have these errors when trying to run Pixlet?

Error: Invalid formula: /opt/homebrew/Library/Taps/tidbyt/homebrew-tidbyt/pixlet.rb
formulae require at least a URL
Error: Cannot tap tidbyt/tidbyt: invalid syntax in tap!
[email protected] ~ %

Thanks for your help!

This is AWESOME!!!

Hm. Are you trying to run pixlet or get it installed?

What happens when you type:
by itself?

And what happens when you type:
pixlet serve pacman.star


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Not found:

[email protected] ~ % pixlet
zsh: command not found: pixlet
[email protected] ~ % pixlet serve pacman.star
zsh: command not found: pixlet
[email protected] ~ %

Do you still have the output from brew? Especially the end of its output.

Either pixlet didn’t get installed, or it was installed but isn’t in your $PATH.