Time Delay

Hi folks!

I’ve noticed my TidByt Clock app is delayed from my other devices by about 50 seconds using the iOS stopwatch. While this doesn’t matter most of the time, it means i’ll be at least a minute late to a meeting over VC :blush:

See the attached image for the time difference across my devices:


Hey Mark! Thanks for the feedback. I’m able to reproduce this problem on my end and am looking into it now. I’ll let you know when we have a fix.

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This should be mostly resolved now— the time should never be off by more than 15 seconds.

The reason we still can be off by up to 15 seconds is that, once the clock starts being displayed, we continue displaying it for 15 seconds, without changes. So if the clock is displayed at 8:33:59, it will read “8:33” until 8:33:14.

We plan to get this down to 0 seconds in the future, but unfortunately that’s going to require a larger redesign of the Tidbyt backend and firmware.

Thanks for updates Rohan.

Maybe anything clock related can be coded in a way that relies on device time? As currently the architecture appears to be a displayed image created at the run-time.

Imagine the (or any, like fun clock designs etc) clock face of tidbyt was implemented in a different fashion. So that it was a real-time rendered portion of the display, then the rest can continue operating as a image sent to device. Maybe the clock image is sent and the firmware interprets it should insert its own time value.

It would be difficult to implement these ideas of course, just good for thought you guys. :slight_smile: keep up the good work

Edit: or add backend logic that will push a new clock image if it is aware that it is displaying a clock face on the tidbyt when the minute changes. Also maybe have way of displaying for less seconds if it changes after clock was displayed already for 10 seconds

That’s actually the next step! Basically, adding a “TTL” so that if the clock expires while being displayed, it gets refreshed right away. The nice thing about this is that it would also generalize to other things like train times or calendar events.