Tidybyt can no longer connect "Connecting..."

I no longer get anything but “CONNECTING…” on my Tidybyt
I am using Apple iOs 12.5.5 which is the last version my iPhone6 can use
Things I have tried with no effect

  • Powering Tidybyt off for 8 hours
  • Deleting device from Tidybyt app
    The TIdybyt app is NOT able to find the device after deleting it
    Yes I have Bluetooth turned on

Try a factory reset before attempting to connect with bluetooth?

Hold reset button on back, apply power, continue holding for 5-10 seconds.

If the factory reset doesn’t solve the issue, please email us at [email protected] and we can troubleshoot further.

I am having this same exact issue, is there an issue on Tidbyt side?

Hi @mrchristianq. There can be a few things that lead to this, like Wi-Fi issues, Internet issues, or even a hardware fault. We have some troubleshooting guides here: https://help.tidbyt.com/

I recommend a factory reset and emailing us at [email protected] if that doesn’t work.