Tide App

It seems this was in development about a year ago but I’d LOVE to see a simple Tide app that lists the high and low tides for a specific location. Any update on the progress on this?

I have some code that works for USA locations using NOAA data. This is how the layout currently looks :

I’ll take a look at where the code is currently at and how much work it will take to get it ready for the community repo.


Awesome! Sounds great!

Ok, here is a little more color. If you want to play with the code or run locally here is my noaa_tides fork repo https://github.com/tavdog/community/tree/noaa_tides


Wow. That looks awesome. I’m wondering if there’s a way to have the time in 12 hour time instead of 24 hour time? I’m brand new to coding and don’t know much about how to get this onto the tidbyt. Could you point me in the right direction? Or would it be best to wait until it’s in the community repo?

I would love this too, but really don’t know how to code. Would love to set this up for Manzanita, OR, and I’d pay a bit to be able to add it to my Tidbyt.

The code has been merged so it should be available soon.

The problem with using AM and PM is there isn’t enough room on the screen. It would fit if the L/H indicator is removed.

Perfect! Can’t wait to see it soon!

Following for updates.

Seeing it on the actual Tidbyt I think I would also like the AM/PM option as well. maybe a format like this : L12:17AM -10f
H05:11PM 10.5f

Love that idea as well.

Ok. I like having the H or L at the beginning of the line rather than in the middle. How does it look to you guys ?

At some point it will be nice to get a nice choice of colors to pick from. Some of the standard colors in the selection list are very hard to read.

I like this a lot. And definitely agree with you on the colors for the future.

Quick update for the tides app. The old version would scale the map so that the high of the day would the very top of the screen and the low of the day would be the bottom of the screen. Well this isn’t that representative of a real tide graph. So now you can specify the maximum height value for your graph so that the tide graph won’t show a full swing regardless of how high the hight tide actually is. The new feature is at the bottom of the settings and should be filled in with the maximum typical high tide for your selected area. I set mine to 4 since here in Hawaii we rarely get a tide above 4ft.

is the Tide app generally available? Getting the Tidbyt soon and this is one of the main apps I want to use being on the coast of Maine it would be super helpful.

Yes it is, just search for NOAA or Tide and it should show up.

Got it - it’s awesome - my new Tidbyt just showed up at my door.

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