TidByt Weather App Legibility

On my Tidbyt on the weather screen, it is basically impossible to tell the difference between temps with a 5 or 6 because the 6s are missing a dot which makes them look like a 5. Can this please be fixed?

Which weather app is it exactly? I have the one called “Weather” developed by Tidbyt and the 6’s don’t have a missing dot. They look like 6’s.

Yep, it is the Tidbyt Weather app. Mine is missing a dot on the left side of every 6 which leaves the bottom open…like on a 5.

That’s weird. Is the 6 in the same spot on the screen? Is there a light out on your display?

So it happens on all locations on this app. For example, if the 3 day weather forecast has 6s in each, every one is missing the dot in the same place. From across the room, it looks like 5s. Once you get close to it, you can see the top is “rounded” if is it is a 6 compared to a 5 that is a 90 degree corner in the upper left. It’s a weird glitch.

Other apps with numbers don’t have the same issue.