Tidbyt Social

Core Idea :bulb:: Create an integrated in house social platform that allows users to send tidbyt flashes to friend or groups. These updates could be updates/suggestions/news/short-link urls (to blog/websites/apps/pdf) and more. It should be viewable on the device and a mobile alert option if opted in.

Revenue Opportunities:

  1. After every 3-5 tidbyt flashes an advertisement slot will be available. The advertisement should be a quick simple logo and short-link url. Offer a price difference for animated or non animated advertisement and length. Eventually allow advertisement messages for a higher cost, once the data shows it would increase revenue without loss of user engagement.

  2. When the opportunity to invest into a design and data platform it should be created as soon as possible. Businesses/marketing agencies/organizations should be able to design, target, and create strategies on the streamlined platform. That makes design and strategy extremely user friendly and should be able to post/schedule directly on the platform. I believe that it must be an affordable monthly subscription for marketing agencies/small businesses/nonprofits/mid-large enterprises. In my opinion it should be a cost that would not be a stressful or costly intangible asset.

  3. More ideas to discuss in the future. Available for discussion.

Other Ideas:

  1. If it is possible to code a scannable bar code that would be sent as a tidbyt flash and should be scanned within the social app that directs them to a post/website/pdf etc… (For the user it would allow for more engagement, it can also be used as user focus feature for private messages when the device is in public view. For advertisers it can direct to a landing page or alternative goal. For the business it would allow for data collection and analysis to improve in multiple aspects of the business)
  2. Allow for custom avatars with animation that can be sent as tidbyt flashes that would explain how that person feels or what they are doing.
  3. Tidbyt flash messaging between privet connection platform users.

Overall there are a lot of opportunities I can envision with combining tidbyt with an engaging social interconnected platform that would take this business idea to a whole new level. This is probably a long shot but if the investors are intrigued by my idea I would love to talk about joining your organization as an employee! I see such a huge potential that I am already sold.