Tidbyt shorted

I got a two tidbyts. One works great. But when I plugged the other one it decided to short out. Could I get some help?

Hi, I think that I may have a similar issue, so I will add to this thread:

My Tidbyt has been working well and is a fun addition to my home office, since December. Yesterday I came into my office and found it powered off. Troubleshooting steps I’ve attempted:

1/ a new power adapter
2/ a new USB-C cable
3/ a combination of 1 and 2

My suspicion is that it’s cooked, but wanted to reach out before I cracked it open to meter anything out. Happy to send this back if we can do an exchange.

Please advise!


I’d message the tidbyt team directly and they’ll help get you situated ruth a replacement.

I appreciate that, thanks