Tidbyt Rebooting Today

Anyone else’s Tidbyt rebooting today? I’ve noticed it at least twice today.

For a while today (hour or more?) it said connecting. then it worked for a bit. Now back to looping TIDBYT logo.


Reports some issues but no "incidents reported

Mine just went into the loop too…had to unplug and plug back and now its working

Hey folks, we had a couple servers that have been issues and we’ve been firefighting all day. Not sure why the status page din’t update with that.

Anyway, everything should be fixed now. If you’re still seeing a Tidbyt logo, please reboot your Tidbyt and it should be good to go.

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Thank you! Tidbyt is so very good.

Early this morning about 2:00 AM. I noticed the Tidbyt logo coming up . I had to reboot a few times and re-log into my account. It took about a half hour to get it back up, now it’s working fine.