Tidbyt official Baseball App Feedback after 1 full MLB season

First and foremost, sports scores and stuff was one of the really enticing things when I jumped on the kickstarter for Tidbyt, and overall I’ve been really happy with the variety of apps so far for tracking various teams, leagues, scores, standings, etc.

After a full baseball season, a few notes and feature requests.

1-Bugs in the playoffs. Specifically “if necessary” games. Once a playoff series is over, the Baseball app continues to think there’s a game happening for the “if necessary” games that are no longer necessary, and shows the start time and everything (as a fan of an eliminated team, this was just like twisting the knife a little bit, not a great feeling). Additionally, during games in the playoffs it still shows the standings scrolling at the bottom for the division of your selected team, which are irrelevant in the playoffs (and they’re incorrect). I would expect this to show the playoff series status instead (eg PHI leads 3-1)

2-Unconventional terminology. There’s a few abbreviations and things that are not typically used in Baseball.

  • Final scores are represented on Tidbyt as “FIN”, but convention in baseball is just “F”, and if the game went into extra innings, “F/10” or “F/12” where the number is the number of innings the game took.
  • Games that are postponed are represented on Tidbyt as “POST”, but the actual abbreviation used is “PPD”

Very good points. Similar should be reviewed/applied to the other sports apps such as NFL. I noticed it shows FIN vs F,

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