Tidbyt Mini?

Not exactly a feature request, but would you consider a smaller version- maybe 50% the size?

I have a specific application that would involve giving one to a child’s teacher to keep on their desk- and display the child’s very important medical reading.

But a full sized device is a bit much.


This made me smile because usually people want a bigger Tidbyt.

That also sounds like a really critical use case. In case you haven’t seen the specs, the current Tidbyt is pretty desk-sized, not very huge or anything. I do get the desire for a smaller one. Once we have the current version out, I’m hoping to branch out into additional sizes and even display technologies like e-ink. Very much a future thing though.

I make a single line / single color version of this type of device for wind condition monitoring. The question is how would get the medical instrument data into the device ? It would probably need custom firmware to make it happen.

Or even smaller with all Adafruit parts.