Tidbyt losing connection, clock dat hangs

Hi all,

since 4 week I have been having problems with the clock/date and weather apps. About 3 - 4 times a week the clock apps do not display anymore or the time is incorrect. It hangs on a certain time. Furthermore the weather widget is not updating anymore and stays on a certain date, thesame date as when the clock stopped.

powering off and on fixes it. What can I do to solve this? I have already opened port 123 UDP to the device.



Did you ever solve this? i’ve been having the same problems in the last couple of days. The clocks are 5 minutes behind!

no, never. a clock that hangs every few days, wonderful

Hey @Larsvb

Sorry for the late reply on this.
Would you mind sharing what app(s) you are seeing the clock skew on?

All clocks and weather apps. When it hangs your clock app is not displayed anymore. Oher developers clock apps hang ar the old time. Your weather app is displayimg old sata from a few days ago.

We just rolled out a fix for all developer clocks to ensure that they don’t go too stale, this have already been a feature in our official clock apps. This however seems to be a bit different as you say.

If you wouldn’t mind, send an email to [email protected] with a problem description, your device ID and what kind of network router you have at home and we can take the discussion there