Tidbyt gets stuck at a certain time

Hi Team,

My Tidbyt ever since moving to a new apartment with the same router continues to get frozen in a specific time. What happens is I unplug and RE plug it back in, it works for a while, then it gets stuck at a random point in time and sits on that schedule. There’s no rhyme or reason.

I’ve even reset the whole tidbyt and apps and the problem persists. Any idea what to do?

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I’ve seen this too in some third party apps. It gets stuck on the time and doesn’t update.

I’m experiencing the same on my side. Happens ok average once a week. And at random times.

I’ve had this happen lately too. I’ve had to go in to one of my added clock apps in the Tidbyt app, and click save for it to sync again.

same here, did you find a fix?