Tidbyt displays bright lines, something is defective

My Tidbyt, received just end of February 2022, is now experiencing bright “lines” across the display–no matter the image or info that its displaying. Has anybody else had this experience?

I’ve tried contacting Tidbyt the last 2 days with no reply. I guess they’re very busy.

I’ll keep trying to contact Tidbyt, but this is not very encouraging from a quality control standpoint.

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I received mine three weeks ago. Factory Seconds unit. Actually I couldn’t find anything “wrong” with it.

That’s until tonight when bright line 8 pixels down across whole display. I’ve reached out to support. I’ll give them a few days to respond. I really like this product. I agree on QC issues but I get it. It happens.

Support took care of my issue already (within an hour) and I have a new unit on the way free of charge. That’s pretty good support. I’m praying my new unit lasts longer than three weeks. I might get brave and take this one apart and test it with multimeter and see if I can repair it. Doesn’t sound like they want it back.

I should mention that I, too, received a very fast replacement Tidbyt. Kudos to the Tidbyt customer service.

On the downside, my replacement unit last less than few weeks before it went totally BLACK. It would not reboot/turn on.

Not wishing to try a third unit, I finally requested a refund. Again kudos to Tidbyt customer service, I received very quickly.