Tidbyt Discord?

Thoughts on a tidbyt discord community for faster and more organized way to share content and ask questions?

Sounds great to me, it’s been asked for a couple times now. Just have to figure out how to set it up (haven’t done so before).

  1. If necessary, sign up for Discord
  2. Log into Discord (browser or app, the experience is pretty much the same)
  3. Click on the green + icon (above the green compass) on the left icon sidebar
  4. Click “Create My Own”
  5. Answer the questions
  6. Click “Create” at the end of the answers
  7. Customize the Discord:
    • You probably want to set up a role with greater privileges for folks in the Tidbyt organization
    • You might want to have an announcement channel that only the folks with the above role can post messages in
    • You may want to set up other topic based channels to separate support, etc. from general chatter
  8. Right click your server icon on the left, and choose “Invite People”
    1. Click on “Edit invite link”
    2. Set expiration and number of uses as you wish; for a public invite link, I suppose you’d create one with no expiration and no use limit
    3. Decide if you want the membership to be temporary until a role is assigned. The default is non-temporary, meaning the user will not be auto-kicked if they don’t have a role assigned after they join your server
  9. Share the link as you please.

You can learn as you go along and enhance it with stuff as you go along, depending on your taste and your corporate messaging.

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+1 for this idea. I can help you, if you need somebody.

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I’d join a Tidbyt Discord so fast!

Yes please! Would love to join a tidbyt discord

Created this one: https://discord.gg/DzvpY76H

Can transfer ownership over to @rohan & team or delete it completely if you spin up an Official one.

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Ownership has been transferred! Huge shoutout to @ToWn3r for setting this up.

Is there an invite for the reformed one?

Use the link on this post: Tidbyt Discord - #8 by mark