Tidbyt API key

I’ve sent my $1 to lock in the $150 price point for a tidbyt and am really looking forward to this amazing product!

I am a software developer and have a ton of ideas I would like to start working on so I can immediately use them on my tidbyt once I receive it. Is there any way I could get a demo tidbyt api key so I can start playing around with that? It seems pretty straightforward, but I’d like to make actual requests to the API if possible?


Hey @apollorion. That should be possible but isn’t something we’ve done before. Give me a bit to set it up and I’ll direct message you with a key.

Thanks! I appreciate it! I will put it to good use, for sure!

@rohan I would like to be able to do this as well?

I have a few custom scripts that run in a cron or in the terminal right now that would be awesome to convert ahead of time.

Sure. Sorry, hadn’t gotten around to this yet.

@apollorion @JaredWilliams, could you each please download the Tidbyt app for iOS or Android, create an account, and DM me with the email address for your account? I’ll try adding a virtual device to each of those.

I dont think there is a way to DM on this site? Or am i just doing a really bad job of finding it?

I signed up at 7:20pm EST. and my email address starts with

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Found your account, thanks! Will add a virtual device when I get into the shop tomorrow.

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@rohan Hi! Could you post a form or something for other devs (like me) to sign up to get an API key?

@apollorion @JaredWilliams You should each see a virtual “My Tidbyt” device when you login to the app now. You can retrieve the API key from the Settings menu. There might be some funkiness since these virtual devices don’t have an official location or timezone set, the “virtual device” thing isn’t a use case we’ve really tested.

@garrettgreen Yeah, I was just thinking we’re going to need something more scalable than me manually running our device-manager CLI… :grin: I’ll update this thread when I have something.


Amazing! Thank you so much!

@rohan Thanks! if there is anything weird ill make sure to update you on it.

Any update on how others can get on the API request list? I’d like to start playing around with virtual box as well if possible.

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I would love to start creating as well and just downloaded the app. I know @garrettgreen and @bozer were wondering if you had gotten around to a more scalable way to provide developers with virtual tidbyt’s within their apps to play with.

I downloaded the app from the apple app store using [email protected].

Thank you for your help.

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Same here, I would love to start playing around with development on the tidbyt. Please let us know if we can get the API

Sorry y’all, been swamped so I haven’t gotten around to making an automatic process for this yet, but I’m happy to provision a few more virtual devices today.

@bozer @mitcov You should see a device when you login now. Same disclaimer, these virtual devices don’t have an official location or timezone set so some things might be weird.

@srakhmanchik20 I have your email address but I don’t see a matching account. Could you please down the Tidbyt app for iOS or Android and create an account?


@rohan definitely have an account In the app, I believe I signed in using Apple, maybe thats why you can’t see it?

Yeah, when you sign in with Apple ID there is an option to not share your email with us. It might even be the default option. If you select that, then I can’t look up your account in our system. I know it’s kind of silly but we don’t really have any workaround for it at the moment.

Could you possibly sign out and then sign back in with either just an email address or using the Google sign-in option?

Please add me too, I have a few projects this is perfect for.

Hey @rohan could you add a virtual to my account as well? [email protected] is my account.

Count me in! Please add:
[email protected]