Tidbyt API: Invalid_Auth_Token - Expired

Hi gang

I haven’t used the api in awhile and I am faced with this response

{“message”:“invalid auth token: token is expired by 170h50m13s”,“details”:[],“code”:16}

I tried to get API key again in the app but it did not update.

Any help?


Hey James. We setup the keys to expire every 365 days for security, but then totally forgot to actually make them renewable. Want to send me your device ID and I can fix this for you?

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Hi Rohan!

Glad to find more improvements to be made. Here’s my device ID


Hope to see more API goodies soon :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks for that. I’ve cleared out your existing API key and you should be able to get a brand new one from the Tidbyt app now.

All is working now. Thank you!

Hi Rohan,

I’m having this same issue now.

My device ID is fancifully-zealous-budding-haddock-1df.

Thanks in advance.

Just an update: I reached out to support with my device ID and I think they cleared it up because I have a new API key in the app now that seems to work.

But going forward, would it be possible to have some way for us to renew the key ourselves? This could be a bit annoying if it’s a yearly process.

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Same issue here – my key expired at the end of a year, boo. Device ID is meagerly-fresh-virtuous-piglet-ead.

OK folks, we have put in an actual fix for this now. Please try to get an API key again through the Tidbyt app on your phone. If your key had expired, you should now see a new key.

The new key will not expire.

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