Tidbyt Angled Stand

Hey all, Love my tidbyt, since it’s on the desk right infront of me it felt awkward to not be angled. I made a stand and thought I’d share it with the community

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Love this. I need one, but don’t have a 3D printer. You should sell them on Etsy (or similar)

Thank you! I was literally just looking for one of these.

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Thanks for posting - just sent your model off for 3D printing. Great idea!!

I suggest you download the files and send them to this company:

They provide a good 3D printing service and ship it to you. I used them for another project and was happy with the results. And I just sent the files off to them for my stand!

Great suggestion! PritAWorld is asking for dimensions – what do I tell them? Complete noob here at 3D printing :nerd_face:

Hmm I’ve never used a printing service. But the model is dimensionally accurate at 100% scale. Meaning they shouldn’t adjust the scale at all, the STL is dimensionally proportioned as is.

If they give you too much grief let me know and I can just print it for you? Out of curiosity what are e they charging?

The quote I got for printing from them was $50. It’s pretty cheap when you think of the time they have to invest to input the files, etc., but I didn’t think it was worth it to me. Perhaps Tidbyt will make a stand an accessory someday!

Jeez I’m happy to print it for you and just charge you for shipping. Shoot me a DM if you’re interested. The material cost is practically nothing. I can print them pretty quickly too

that would be so amazing, thank you! I’ll DM you

What kind of 3d printer do I need to buy to print this?

Any kind. I use a creality k1 max and an anycubic kobra 2. The bambu labs printers are really popular right now. These take me like 15 minutes to print if that.

If you need one just DM me I can probably run one through for ya.

These only fit the original tidbyt. I don’t have one of the new ones to create a new model for. Fysa