Tidbyt and Hubitat?

As I await for my Tidbyt to be delivered (it’s shipped), I wanted to start looking into sending info from Hubitat to the Tidbyt. Has anyone done this yet? Looking to push things like ‘Motion in the driveway’, ‘Dryer is finished’, etc.

I see there has been some work done for HA but can’t find anything for Hubitat.


Well, the Tidbyt has arrived! Setup a couple of stock apps. Working great.

Now I just need that missing piece. If anyone could give me some pointers or sample code of an app receiving data (not pull, but pushed to it). It would be appreciated!

@rohan, can’t believe you use Hubitat and haven’t made this yet!! :crazy_face:

edit: I do have pixlet running on an always on windows machine


A ton of this last year has just been spent on scaling our supply chain, infrastructure, and developer platform. Now that we’re on more stable footing we’re spending more time on integrations and adding platform features.

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After lots of trial and error, I have a workaround! Complicated but it works!

With this setup, I can send anything to Tidbyt the second it happens. No waiting for the right app to scroll around with new data. It breaks into the rotation to display the data I just sent, then continues on with the rotation as usual.

3 Pieces needed. Hubitat Elevation Hub, an always on Windows PC and a Tidbyt.


  • makerAPI
  • PC Controller app
  • Tidbyt Messenger app (my custom app)

Always on PC:

  • EventGhost
  • Pixlet
  • A custom batch file


  • It just sits there, looking pretty, waiting for data :upside_down_face:

How it works (in a nutshell):

  • Something happens in Hubitat that I want to be notified of (motion in the driveway, Bruins score a goal, time to feed the dogs, etc)
  • My custom app in Hubitat recognizes this and uses the PC controller app to send a command to the always on PC (using Eventghost). Eventghost then runs a batch file that ‘renders’ the .star file (using Pixlet).
  • The .star file reads the attributes from the custom apps device on Hubitat (using the makerAPI) containing the info I want displayed on the Tidbyt. The .star file can also do any formatting, graphics, etc… needed to make it look nice.
  • Now the batch file will ‘serve’ the webp image created to Tidbyt!

Simple, right! lol