Thinking of a NYC TKTS app

So, I just got my update to the NJTRANSIT app merged. Now its time to write something from scratch :slight_smile:

I need to understand how one adds a NEW community app from scratch. Is there a document I should read? In addition I am looking for feedback on my idea below. Anyone else interested in a TKTS app?

So, there is a TKTS website with a list of discount NYC plays for the current day. Looks parseable. There is also a show scores website that rates plays. My idea is to scrape the list of plays on the TKTS website, then display them. In addition, allow the user to provide in their config a link to a google-doc that they publish that is a list of plays that they have seen. Don’t display any play they have seen. Possibly have the google-doc also list plays that they WANT to see, so these can be displayed.

The don’t-display/display/preferentially-display logic may do something like removing all but alphanumeric characters (including removing blanks) converting to lowercase and looking for a substring match in the play name also squished that way, or something like that.

OPEN issue - there are way too many plays sometimes to display in that 15 second interval… thinking of how to deal with that, looking for any suggestions.

Go check out

PS: I originally wanted to sort the plays by and to include their show-score ( grade - but it looks like that site has a don’t redistribute without permission rule.